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At Sweet Production, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality, customer service and value to our customers.

Quality starts with the ingredients. We carefully source our ingredients, using quality as the first criteria.  Our flour, eggs, fruit, sweetners, butter, and oils are chosen from a variety of suppliers to obtain only the finest.  We buy our chocolate from Belgium and our spices from all over the world, and continuously sample them for freshness and intensity.  We visit produce markets almost daily, and work with local growers, strongly favoring local produce for its sustainability and bright flavors. For example, our fruit pastries and pies, tarts, bars, crisps, and crumbles feature fruit picked at the peak of the season, for each time of year.

We refine our recipes to prioritize flavor, texture, and presentation, putting tasty and innovative twists on old standards. To satisfy increasingly sophisticated public tastes, we are continually developing new recipes.

We train our production staff to pay close attention to quality, and educate them in all aspects of creating a superior baked product.  We teach our bakers and staff how to use modern baking equipment to assure consistency, precision, and energy efficiency.

At Sweet Production, we care about every item that leaves our bakery, and go to all possible lengths to ensure that the products we provide are reliably fresh, delicious, and expertly crafted.

Having spent decades in the food industry, we at Sweet Production understand the challenges and pressures that chefs and kitchen staff face. We strive to make business with us as easy and streamlined as possible.  At the same time, our clients know that we are flexible innovative, and that they can use us as an extension of their own kitchen. 

We use daily standing orders to minimize the amount of work our clients have to do, and we take changes to their orders via phone, email, or fax.  Our office staff members understand the needs of our clients and the capabilities of our kitchen, and can respond to any request.  If you have a special need or want help deciding what to supply for a special event, we are delighted to work with you to develop a perfect solution.

The food service industry is under enormous pressure to control costs and encourage sustainability. We constantly work to provide value while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Efficiency is a great way to control costs. We constantly review our products and procedures to see if there is a better way to accomplish a task. Our order tracking and production reporting system is highly automated to prevent waste. By 4 PM in the afternoon, we have generated production orders for each baking department that tells them exactly what needs to be made that night, thus optimizing our use of time and resources. We bake only what we know will be needed.

In a world of fluctuating (and usually increasing) energy and food prices, we work tirelessly to provide the finest products that also offer the very best value.

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