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Ordering Instructions

Please provide the following information when placing an order:

*For next day delivery, M-F orders must be received by 4 PM, Sat. & Sun. by 3pm.  If you make or change an order after this time, a processing fee will be added to your final charges. 

  • customer name and customer number
  • item name/description and quantity (actual count, ie. 24 pieces rather than 2 dozen)
  • item size (small, medium, large, 3”, 9”, banquet) according to our catalog
  • delivery date
  • contact name: who ordered the products and who we deliver the goods to
  • contact phone number: who ordered and who we deliver to
  • contact email address: who ordered and who we deliver to

Late emergency orders are sometimes possible, but an extra rush fee of ($35.00) may be assessed.

No next day cancellations after 12 PM.
Three methods to order:
1. Call Customer Service at 650-631-7777
2. Email Sweet Production at order@sweetpinc.com (recommended as to easily review orders through your email)
3. Fax your order, attention to “Customer Service: Orders” to 650-631-7770

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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